Hi, I’m Olga.

I work with children and adolescents who are often not understood by their teachers and caregivers, struggle to fit in socially, and don’t recognize how they get themselves into difficult situations due to their own behaviors.  Those behaviors may include being inflexible, explosive, stuck, not listening to others, and not being able to get organized even if their lives depended on it. Often something is clearly “the matter” but they can’t seem to talk about what’s bothering them.  In my experience, such behaviors usually come about because the child has not fully learned one or more skills. I’m willing to be as creative as possible to teach your child the important skills that come more easily to others. Together with your child, we’ll find the tools and solutions that work best for all of you.

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and have worked with children, adolescents and families for over a decade. I’ve completed certification training from Ross Greene, Ph.D., the author of the books, The Explosive Child, Lost at School, and Raising Human Beings. Check out my interview with Dr. Greene here. I’m also a fan of Michelle Garcia Winner’s work and completed her clinical Social Thinking™ training. I can go on about what approaches and therapies I use, but I’m sure what matters most to you is whether I’m the person who can help your child.

When I’m not at my school, my office, or writing a blog, I can be found binging on shows, traveling with my family, dog sitting, or busting a gut laughing with my friends.  If you’re dying to know more, here a few other things about me: I play the mandolin, write jokes, and stalk animal shelter pages in hopes of finding that special furry friend.

Parenting can be a very frustrating, confusing, and lonely job and you’re never off the hook. Life is hard enough and sometimes you just need help. Contact me for a 15-minute free consultation to find out if I am a good fit and whether working with me will be beneficial to you and your child.

Thanks for stopping by.

To your child’s success!




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