Welcome to my web site.  There are many reasons you may have come here. You’re worried about your child and his or her future.  You’re frazzled and overwhelmed from managing your child’s behavior and need help. Your child may already have a diagnosis.  If they do not, you may suspect that something is not right.  Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on what exactly is off and you’re hopeful that your child’s misbehavior is only a phase. Seeing your kid struggle isn’t fun.  You comb through the internet for answers, compare your child to those of friends and relatives, and bring your concerns to a pediatrician only to be temporarily calmed.  But then you get that dreaded call from a daycare or school or a simple request to your child turns into a huge fight and you find yourself on a behavioral roller-coaster once again.

Collaboration as a Method of Discipline

Children don't come with an instruction manual and parents can often find themselves at a loss for how to manage situations when challenging behaviors arise. I offer positive solutions for parents who have exhausted all of their options and feel drained from negative interactions with their children.

 My goal is to coach parents and children how to approach unsolved problems in a collaborative and proactive way, so that family peace can be restored. No rewards, no punishment, just logical, meaningful collaboration.

The Collaborative & Proactive Solutions approach (developed by Dr. Ross Greene) allows your child to learn valuable skills that help them to deal with difficult situations that cause challenging behaviors.  You learn to employ a method that not only achieves results but also enhances your relationship with your child.  Once you learn, with my help, how to resolve a problem in a mutually satisfactory manner, you should be able to do it on your own as future challenges arise.

Common Challenges for Families

Do any of these parenting challenges sound all too familiar?

- Homework battles
- Talking back/disrespectful behavior
- Frequent arguments
- Tantrums when video game time is over
- Epic over-reactions to reasonable requests
- Refusing to do chores
- Physical aggression (hitting, throwing things, etc.)
- School seems to have your family on speed dial

Traditional Methods Have Limitations

Disciplining a child, like losing weight, is an uphill battle. What is the best way to secure children’s compliance with adult expectations?

If you are like most parents you likely have already tried the traditional ways of shaping your child’s behavior including rewards, punishments, and logical consequences.   But creating and sticking with a system of rewards and punishments is challenging not only for kids but for parents.

Often a discipline method will work for a while and then become less effective over time (kind of like a diet). The challenging behaviors return or new ones surface. Parents and caregivers are left feeling helpless, frustrated and confused.  The child seems like a puzzle to people around (family, day care providers, and teachers). The behaviors are not improved, leaving the child at a disadvantage in terms of learning and getting along with other people. 

When Traditional Methods Don't Work

The relationship between parents and child may suffer as the child feels misunderstood.  For many, a sense of being on a behavioral roller-coaster continues, making parents feel even more fatigued. The precious time that parents have with their children feels wasted by nagging, arguing and imposing “solutions”.  Parents may wonder “How did we get here?”



No Carrot No Stick Offers a Better Way

The good news is that there is a better way. A way based in empathy and collaboration.

Learn the skills to help your family succeed.



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