No two families are alike. A child might behave appropriately at school, only to display problematic behaviors at home. Or the child can get through the day at school only to lose it all at home. Misbehavior can often be hard to trace to a particular issue, causing distress for the parents, teachers, child or everyone. Olga can bridge the gap between the home and school environment.  

All behavioral problems whether at home or at school can benefit from one common practice: collaboration. Through collecting information from the child, teachers and parents can learn about the child’s concerns, share their concerns, and together come up with a plan that is mutually satisfactory. Using Social Thinking™ vocabulary and strategies, Olga will educate the family and teachers about the specific challenges the child is experiencing in his social environment. There are concrete ways to break apart complex social concepts and teach them effectively to children and adolescents with social learning challenges. Olga will teach participants to become “social thinkers," how to be "part of a group," and how to modify their own behavior to keep others thinking positively about them.

Using the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model and Social Thinking methodology Olga provides:

  • Family coaching and training at her office
  • Parent coaching and training over distance by phone
  • Social competencies/social skills training
  • Consultation to other professionals on the use of the CPS model
  • Advocating for the child’s educational needs in school

She works with children from age 5 to 18.  Insurance is not accepted but a sliding payment scale is available. 

Weekend hours are available to provide scheduling flexibility for families.

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