The following are a collection of resources to help you become more familiar with the principles and ideologies Olga practices. 

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions, Dr. Ross Greene

  • Dr. Ross Greene is a clinical child psychologist. He has authored several best-selling books, including “The Explosive Child”, “Lost at School”, “Lost and Found”, and “Raising Human Beings.”  Dr. Greene is the developer of the research-based method Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Learn more about the CPS model of care on his website.
  • Lives in the Balance is an organization founded and run by Dr. Ross Greene offering CPS-based programs and resources for families. 

ParentMap, April 2016

In an interview with Dr. Ross Greene, we explored a brief introduction to CPS.

It’s impossible to solve a problem without information from, input from and involvement from the child whose life is affected by the problem.
— Dr. Ross Greene

MotherJones, July/Aug 2016: 

Katherine Reynolds Lewis reports on the benefits and advantages of the CPS model over other disciplining methods.

Under Greene’s philosophy, you’d no more punish a child for yelling out in class or jumping out of his seat repeatedly than you would if he bombed a spelling test. You’d talk with the kid to figure out the reasons for the outburst (was he worried he would forget what he wanted to say?), then brainstorm alternative strategies for the next time he felt that way. The goal is to get to the root of the problem, not to discipline a kid for the way his brain is wired.
— Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Social Thinking, Michelle Garcia Winner

Social Thinking™ is a treatment framework and curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner that targets how to enhance and improve social thinking abilities, regardless of diagnostic label (often there isn't a diagnosis).


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